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  • Guide to the Design of Questionnaires
    designed for novice researchers intending to carry out a questionnaire survey. Analysis depends on good quality data that in turn stems from good design of the questionnaire, and of the collection procedures.
  • General Practice Notebook
    an online reference of different medical specialties that provides an immediate reference resource for general practitioners. Updated continually, the database consists of over 26,000 pages of information.
  • Family Practice Notebook
    ONLINE REFERENCES-Family Practice Notebook: An ongoing compendium of the diagnosis and management of common medical problems seen in Family Practice
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Patient Information
    Produced by AAFP, It has a web site with excellent patient information handouts which are pertinent to college health practice. The information is credible because of the source, well-researched, and the non-profit educational use of the information is not restricted
  • Information for Patients from the AAFP
    Collection of more than 170 patient information handouts is provided as a health resource for patients and health care professionals. American Academy of Family Physicians
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  • CanadianCollege of Family Physicians
    The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) has a comprehensive collection of information resources for family physicians,documents endorsed by the CFPC, resources for family physicians' patients, guides to information on the web, etc
  • OR-live
    The OR-live website harbours a good inventory of CME webcasts categorised into different specialties. Viewers have to have RealOne player installed in their computer.
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