• Digital Atlas of Ophthalmology
    The Digital Atlas of Ophthalmology is a database of images pf eye disorders, intended to serve as an educational supplement for ophthalmologists and family physicians. Powerful search engine installed at the website.
  • EyeRounds Online Atlas of Ophthalmology
    Ophthalmology Grand Round and Eye Rounds is a service of the University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences in Iowa City, Iowa.
  • Atlas of Ophthalmology
    public online database, free of charge, edited by eye specialists. Users can submit interesting cases.
    It is a database of ophthalmological images that could be useful for eye doctors, general physicians and medical student. Specialist are invited to send images to oculista@tin.it. All the images will be published on this site as soon as possible.
Clinical Tools
  • Colors for the Color Blind
    The website has color photos of Tests for Color Blindness. It also lists sharewares for the color blind and give away links to other sites on color deficiency. It provides a very handy tool for family physicians conducting medical checkups.
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Medical News
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Related Link Lists
  • International Centrefor Eye Health: resouce library
    collection of links include Community Eye Health Journal articles, abstracts and articles from peer-reviewed journals on the latest research and evidence-based medicine, plus many more useful publications, web sites and organisations.
  • AMD Related Links
    The Macular Degeneration Help Center is a portal website - part of our mission is to link you to other resources on the internet for information on macular degeneration, aging general health
  • TimRoot.com
    a resource for eye training videos, books, and software. Video Lectures about eye anatomy and eye diseases Books (some of them free) that are written at a beginner level Extra learning material such as flashcards, audio podcasts, and software to help you learn about ocular disease
  • EyeTube
    web site containing ophthalmic videos which are uploaded by members of the site. Content is monitored by the EyeTube by a board of medical editors and they advise on appropriateness of content.