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    Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental (brain-based) disorder. It is characterized by an on-going pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity. This is present across multiple settings, such as work and home. Many of the symptoms can look like extreme forms of normal behavior, and lead to significant challenges in daily life... Here is an overview of some ADHD related posts:
CME Sites (with Credits)
Health Education Websites
  • Beyond-blue
    abundant information on health education materials together with a variety of simple checklists to identify depression and anxiety. a multimedia library with audio and video clips, fact sheets and other educational materials are available
  • MoodGYM
    MoodGYM is an internet-based therapy program designed to prevent depression. It includes assessments of anxiety and depression, 'warpy' thinking, life-event stress, parental relationships, and pleasant event scheduling.
  • BluePages
    the website of Australian National University (Canberra) provides information about depression for consumers. The website allows searching, resources in symptoms, treatment and prevention of depression.
  • 國家網路醫院 -- 情緒焦慮
    國家網路醫院 -- 情緒焦慮
Medical Journal
  • Mentalwellness
    Mentalwellness Archived memtal health news updates, a concise review of various mental disorders, and patient education documents. Janssen harmaceutica, Inc
Organizations / Associations / Institutions
Patient Information
Patient Support Group
    A online library of health videos on mental health. Hundreds of topics on mood disorder are available such as anxiety, depression, stress and anger management.
Youtube Videos