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  • Preparing Physicians for Personalized Care in Massachusetts
    A group of Harvard undergraduates and a research fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital conducted a literature review about educational issues related to genetic testing using PubMed and Google Scholar. Certain time parameters were established for the literature review. For our findings about privacy concerns, we examined only articles published after the passage of the Genetic Nondiscrimination Act of 2008. Additionally, we interviewed and consulted several physicians in the Boston area. In this paper we will use the term “genetic testing” to broadly refer to not only tests for single gene Mendelian traits, but also more complex tests frequently referred to as “genomic testing” which is consistent with the often interchangeable usage in the literature.
  • What is personalized medicine
    A decade of Advancement Where does Personalized Medicine helping most Future of Personalized Medicine
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  • Personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics
    Pharmacogenomics is part of a field called personalized medicine — also called individualized or precision medicine — that aims to customize health care, with decisions and treatments tailored to each individual patient in every way possible.
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