About Us

The website provides a one-stop solution or the CME needs of doctors, Hong Kong and overseas. CME is a life-time commitment for all doctors, the major hurdle is the conflict in time between medical seminars and patient care.

CME resources on Internet, both local and overseas, can be located with the search engine at the website easily. An archive of over 200 local medical lectures (voice-over presentation slides) of different specialties is available for doctors to revisit at their own time, own pace and own area of interest. For overseas CME resources, doctors can also look up our library of CME weblinks (annotated) on Internet. All websites in the library are categorized according to the specialty (e.g. urology, dermatology) as well as the nature of the website (e.g. journals, textbooks, practice guidelines).

There are also online quizzes at the website in the fields of Dermatology, Radiology, ECG and self study articles. Accreditations will also be made for correct answers.

The website is maintained by Hong Kong Doctors Union, a registered trade union of registered medical practitioners in Hong Kong, is dedicated to the promotion of CME for all doctors.

Starting from September 2007, we have appointed Ir Dr Philip Tsang as our Honarary Advisor to this CME website. We are sure his involvement will bring valuable technological enhancements to our website in terms of content layout, user-friendliness and more important, effective learning through the our CME website.

Dr Alfred Tang
Family Physician