HKDU Symposium > Alcohol screening and brief intervention at primary care setting video 201804C
Dr. Ng Kwok Po
Specialist in Community Medicine

Direction: Choose the single best answer and give a tick in the corresponding box on the answer form.


Which of the following are Group I carcinogens as classified by International Agency for Research on Cancer?

 (i) Ethanol in alcoholic beverages

(ii) Asbestos

(iii)Tobacco smoke

(iv)Ionizing radiation


The advice on informed choice of drinking emphasized by the Department of Health includes the following EXCEPT


Which of the following statement is true regarding theAlcoholUse Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) questionnaire?


Regarding the brief intervention that supplements AUDIT, which of the statement(s) is/are correct?

(i) World Health Organization has developed a structured protocol for delivering brief intervention when primary care practitioners come across at-risk drinkers

(ii) Brief intervention includes feedback advice by using motivational interviewing style to support behavioural change.

(iii) Brief  advice  is  an  effective evidence-based intervention for those who are at risk of or are suffering from inappropriate alcohol consumption


According to the World Health Organization, one unit of alcohol contains …