HKDU Symposium > New advancement of vaccines for common infections (herpes zoster and pneumococcal) in adults with chronic diseases video 201804D
Dr. Ip Pui Seung, Shirley
Specialist in Geriatric Medicine

Direction: Choose the single best answer and give a tick in the corresponding box on the answer form.


Which of the following disease put patients at increased risk of herpes zoster?


Patients with diabetes mellitus are at how many times increased risk of herpes zoster compared to healthy individuals?


Vaccine  against  herpes  zoster  is  available and is indicated for individuals over the age of 


The duration of protection with the Herpes Zoster live attenuated vaccine has been shown for up to 


Pneumococcal disease is an important disease burden in Hong Kong.  Currently, the Centre for Health Protection suggests that healthy individuals over the age of 65 to be vaccinated with :